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See the shopping carts emerchantpay supports side-by-side.

Some shopping carts are open source and provide plug-and-play storefronts with minimal initial setup. Other shopping carts require a more complex integration and may need a subscription.

Shopping cart Adobe Commerce (Magento 2) Shopify WooCommerce PrestaShop
Licensing type Open source (CE) / Licensed (EE), (ECE) Hosted service Open source Open source
emerchantpay plugin emerchantpay Gateway Module emerchantpay Payments app emerchantpay Gateway Module for WooCommerce emerchantpay Gateway Module for PrestaShop
Supported transaction types
   — Authorize
   — Authorize3D
   — Sale
   — Sale3D
   — InitRecurringSale
   — InitRecurringSale3D
   — RecurringSale

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