Payment integrations

Integrate emerchantpay payment solutions with your online store.

Payment integrations from emerchantpay are divided into categories based on integration effort—the amount of custom coding and security configuration required:

  • Custom UI — Connect your server directly to the payment gateway using the emerchantpay API; full customisation supported by the emerchantpay SDK repositories, requires the highest level of PCI DSS compliance
  • Pre-Built UI — Use the emerchantpay Web Payment Form (WPF), a hosted payment page where customer data is stored and processed on emerchantpay’s servers; partial customisation of the WPF is available with minimal coding, and requires the lowest level of PCI DSS compliance
  • No-code integrations — Process transactions directly using the Virtual terminal; accessed through your Genesis merchant console so no coding is required, requires the lowest level of PCI DSS compliance