Customise your WPF

Access your emerchantpay WPF and customise the checkout page your customers see.

The emerchantpay Web Payment Form (WPF) is the checkout page that is displayed to your customer once they initiate the checkout process on your site. You can customise the WPF including uploading a logo, modifying text, fonts, colours, and adding custom CSS code.

Access your WPF

Log in to the emerchantpay Genesis payment gateway to customise your WPF.

  1. Log in to Genesis with your merchant account.
  2. In the navigation menu, go to Configuration > Web Payment Forms.
  3. Select the name of the WPF you want to customise.Customise the WPF in Genesis
  4. The Web Payment Form Details screen displays a summary of configured settings on the left, and expandable fields on the right used to customise individual WPF elements.Genesis customise WPF fields

The table below details the customisable WPF elements.

WPF reference chart

Name Customisation
Show WPF Fields Toggle which WPF fields are shown to your customer.
WPF Top Level Bank Codes Toggle whichever supported online banking platforms you would like to display to in your WPF as individual payment fields.
Logo Your logo will appear on the upper-left of the WPF and should have a maximum vertical size of 54px.
Terms and Policy Template Specify how your Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy links, if enabled, will display. Use the buttons above the text window to specify where the %{terms_and_conditions} and %{privacy_policy} placeholders will appear as links. The link targets are specified in the below Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy fields, respectively.
Terms & Conditions Add your Terms and Conditions as a PDF file or web address.
Privacy Policy Add your Privacy Policy as a PDF file or web address.
Custom WPF CSS Upload a custom .css file or select a predefined theme. Use the custom CSS editor to change the appearance of the WPF.
Wpf Customer Footer Text Custom footer text that displays at the bottom of the WPF.
Wpf Purchase Summary Add custom text for the order summary of the amount your customer will be charged.