Manage Apple Pay payments

Learn about capturing, voiding, refunding, and setting up recurring payments with Apple Pay transactions.


Learn how to complete authorised Apple Pay payments through capturing transactions. After successfully authorising a payment, initiate the capture process to transfer reserved funds from the customer to your account. Ensure you have the unique_id from the initial authorisation to capture payments successfully. Partial captures are also possible, allowing settlement of a portion of the authorised amount, useful for granting discounts. Multiple captures are also an option for delivering goods in stages or packages.

See Capture to learn more.


Cancel pending or authorised Apple Pay transactions with void transactions. Void transactions allow you to prevent finalisation before funds transfer, applicable to various transaction types including authorize, capture, sale, and refund, along with their 3D variants. You can initiate a void on the same day as the original transaction, ensuring it doesn’t appear on the customer’s financial statement, making it ideal for correcting errors or stopping transactions before completion.

See Void to learn more.


Learn how to refund Apple Pay transactions, allowing you to return funds to customers for returned items or other reasons. Initiate a refund transaction to refund either the full captured amount or a partial amount, ensuring the payment has already been captured before initiating the refund.

See Refund to learn more.

Recurring payments

Discover how to set up and manage recurring transactions with emerchantpay. If you’re offering subscription-based services or installment plans, the recurring payments feature allows you to automate future transactions. Ensure customer satisfaction and retention by providing convenient payment options.

To start a recurring series with Apple Pay, you need to specify subpayment_type = recurring when submitting the Apple Pay transaction. For subsequent recurring payments, ensure that you reference the unique_id of the Apple Pay transaction.

See Recurring payments to learn more.