Complete an authorised payment.

Capture is the process of securing payments after a successful authorisation. To complete a payment, you go through a two-step process:

  1. Authorisation

    You verify the payment details with the issuer, effectively reserving the necessary funds.

  2. Capture

    After successful authorisation, you initiate the capture, transferring the reserved funds from the customer to your account.

Transaction workflow

Here’s a breakdown of the transaction workflow for payment capture:

  1. Capture request

    Following the authorisation of the transaction, you must submit a capture request to the payment processor. Specify the unique_id from the initial authorisation transaction as the reference_id in the capture request.

  2. Funds transfer

    The payment processor processes the capture request, transferring the authorised funds from the customer’s account to your account.

  3. Transaction completion

    With the funds successfully captured, the transaction is complete. You can proceed with the order fulfillment or service delivery.

Example of a request:

    <usage>40208 concert tickets</usage>

Example of a response:

    <technical_message>Transaction successful!</technical_message>
    <message>Transaction successful!</message>
    <descriptor>Descriptor one</descriptor>